Annual Return

The dates for the Exercise of Public Rights to inspect the unaudited accounting statements of the Parish Council for 2019/20 have been published and links to the document and unaudited accounting statements can be found in the table below.  The Annual Internal Audit Report can be found on the following link – Annual Internal Audit Report

Notice that the audit of accounts of the Council for the year end 2018/19 has been concluded, and was published via parish noticeboards and this website, dates and detailed information can be found in the table below –

YearExercise of
Public Rights
Notice of
Conclusion of Audit
Annual Governance & Accountability Return
2019/20203 June - 14 July 2020Section 1 - unauditedSection 2 - unaudited
2018/20193 June - 12 July 201915 August 2019Section 1Section 2Section 3
2017/20184 June - 13 July 201817 August 2018 Section 1Section 2Section 3
2016/20175 June - 14 July 201717 August 2017Section 1Section 2Section 3