MP Q & A – 16th March. West Chiltington Village Hall. 10:00 – 12:00.

We are delighted to have received over 40 questions spanning a wide range of topics, so this promises to be an interesting morning. Doors open at 10:00, refreshments will be provided, and seats are limited to 150 so please come early to secure your place!

Please note – we can no longer accept questions to the office but there may be an opportunity to ask spontaneous questions on the day

Road Closure – West Chiltington Road – Update from WSCC Highways 28th February 2024:

WSCC Highways Department has advised that the continued heavy rainfall over the last week and the weekend has led to water levels being too high to carry out the required work on West Chiltington Road. It seems the entire area is currently water-logged. The amount of work remaining will take approximately one week to complete but requires the water levels at the site to be lower than they currently are. This 1-week time scale is reliant on water levels remaining sufficiently low and having one week of no interruptions for any reason (be it weather or unforeseen problems such as the exposure of more utility apparatus.

WSCC is monitoring the water level at the site on a daily basis and as soon there is the opportunity, work will commence.

Options to reopen the road, using the metal road plate method mentioned by some in the community have been explored. Unfortunately for this to even be considered the exposed excavations on the site requires additional structural support, in some cases possible backfilling/reinforcing where some of the road construction has been washed out from the volume of water. For this reason, it is not considered safe or practical.

WSCC would like to reassure all those affected that reopening this road is a key priority and they are doing everything possible to achieve that as soon as is practically possible.

Please be aware WSCC will continue to undertake weekly checks on roads that are being used as cut throughs to ensure that any safety issues are picked up.

Due to serious safety concerns the road remains closed to all traffic, including bikes, horses and pedestrians for the foreseeable future.

We ask everyone to be mindful of the damage being caused to Stream Lane by the increased traffic over recent weeks, and to use the designated diversion route instead:

    • Harborough Hill to The Common to Mill Road (North)

    • The Hollow to Broad Ford Bridge Road to Adversane Lane (West)

    • Stane St A29 (South) to Lower Street A283 (East)

    • Mare Hill Road to West Chiltington Road

Regrettably, Stagecoach has advised the No. 1 bus service will not run to West Chiltington until the road re-opens. WSCC is aware of this and the impact it has on West Chiltington Parishioners and is working to address this. We will post any updates as we receive them

West Sussex Minibus Service – West Sussex Minibus runs regular shopping and social trips from West Chiltington. They offer a door-to-door service, picking up from your home and will come as close to the road closed barriers on West Chiltington Road as possible, if need be. To make an enquiry or a booking call 0300 772 7735

WSCC Charlotte Kenyon has issued a report on her Facebook page. Click Facebook to read it. 

Proposed Permanent Traffic Order – 30mph Broadford Bridge Road, Adversane Lane and Harbolets Road

WSCC proposes to introduce a permanent Traffic Order to reduce the 40mph speed limit across the Broadford Bridge junction to 30mph. The 30mph speed limit will apply to lengths of B2133 Adversane Lane, B2133 Harbolets Road, West Chiltington Lane and Broadford Bridge Road. Click Consultation for further details and to register your comments. The Consultation period ends on 21st March 2024 so please ensure your comment is filed before that date.

Help Make Church Street Bank Beautiful Again – 9th March at 10:00am

A wonderful team of volunteers will be working to restore Church Street bank to its former beauty on Saturday 9th March. The old, discarded branches, brambles and debris will be cleared to make way for planting new native trees and bulbs. If you can spare an hour or so, do come along to help – Meeting at 10:00am. 

Road Closure – Monkmead Lane – 1st March

Monkmead Lane will be closed for up to five days from 1st March 2024 to complete carriagewat patching works. The restriction will be in place day-time from 09:30 until 15:30

Allotment Waiting List

The current waiting list for our allotments is unusually short, so if you are interested in taking an allotment next year, now is the time to let us know. Contact The Allotment Association by email: allotments@wcwebsite178

Road Closures – Sinnocks and Southlands Lane – February 2024

The road between the East Street Junction and Gayswood Nursery, Sinnocks and Southlands Lane will be closed between 19th February 2024 and 1st March 2024 for BT to undertake work

Road Closures – Threals Lane – March 2024

Threals Lane will be closed on 18th March for up to 5 days while SGN undertakes daytime road closures off Smock Alley to carry out new connection works.
The restriction will be in place day-time only from 08:00 until 16:00 and it is estimated work will be completed on 22nd March 

County Councillor Report

West Sussex County Councillor Charlotte Kenyon’s monthly report can be read here.

Neighbourhood Plan Update

Following a long delay due to Natural England’s position statement on Water Neutrality, Horsham District Council has now formulated a policy to address the issue and included it in its Regulation 19 Draft Local Plan whose consultation begins on Friday 19th January 2024.

We are therefore anticipating that we should be able to incorporate this policy and progress our Draft Neighbourhood Plan in the next few weeks. All updates will be posted here as and when we have them.

April 2023

Following the most recent meeting with Horsham District Council, The Parish Council is disappointed not to be able to progress our Neighbourhood Plan. HDC’s document dated April 2023 explains their position

Please see the Draft NP as at 28th March 2022

Letter from HDC – 7th February 2022

Letter from HDC – 28th February 2022

Letter from HDC – 26th April 2022

Letter from Natural England – 23rd March 2022

(Please follow the link to a page showing the Regualtion 14 survey results and consultation responses which are held on a separate website).

A Village with a Past & a Future

Nestling near the foot of the South Downs between Storrington and Pulborough, just over 50 miles from London, the picturesque village of West Chiltington is home to a 12th century church, a beautifully restored windmill and has a colourful history dating back to Norman times.

Covering an area of just over 6.69 sq miles, with a population of approx. 3,500, the parish encompasses a variety of land usage from residential and agricultural, to small businesses and leisure facilities.

Your Council

The Council is the first tier of local government for West Chiltington comprising 13 Councillors who are elected or co-opted for up to four years.   The Parish Council meets on the second Tuesday of every month and is always keen to ensure that it reflects the wishes of the electorate and as such, all meetings are open to the public and include a session for public comments. Councillors work in partnership with local organisations, West Sussex County Council and Horsham District Council to preserve the essence of the area, and to protect the identity and character of the parish for the enjoyment of parishioners, visitors and future generations.

The Parish Council has statutory duties and powers to provide services for the Parish of West Chiltington. Within these powers, we provide allotments, community buildings, dog and litter bins, community facilities, and we own and maintain many areas of public open space within the village on behalf of the community.

Parish Council Office

The Parish Council Office is open on a Tuesday and Wednesday morning from 10:00am-1:00pm.

In an emergency, The Parish Clerk can be contacted on 07483 114836 outside these hours

Defibrillator Locations:

    • In the phone box opposite The Queens Head Pub – The Hollow

    • In the phone box opposite NISA Stores – Haglands Lane

    • The Village Hall