Neighbourhood Plan Update

The Neighbourhood plan team are continuing to work through more than 700 responses to the Reg 14 consultation. We thank you all for taking such an active part in the consultation. The broad headlines emerging are that there is support for the Plan and the housing allocations but understandable concerns relating to traffic, loss of biodiversity and poor infrastructure. Additional work will be undertaken to try to mitigate/resolve these issues.

Many of you will also be aware that Natural England has expressed concerns about new developments because of the impact on water abstraction and the effect this is having on protected habitats. They asked that HDC ensure that any new development in the Local Plan is water neutral (follow the link below to understand more about water neutrality).

HDC are currently taking legal advice on the matter and will meet with the relevant stakeholders to understand fully the implications but have stated that until the matter is resolved our Plan cannot move to the next stage of consultation which is submission at Reg 15.

Given the amount of work required to move to the next stage it is unlikely that this will delay our Plan, however we will work with HDC to ensure that the timing is right and that the Plan contains any additional policies needed to address the water issues and be compliant with the Habitat Regulations. The District Council has published further information on the issue of Water Neutrality on its website and can be found on the HDC website by following the link.

Please see the Draft Neighbourhood Plan documents

Please follow the link to a page showing the survey results and consultation responses which are held on a separate website.

Parish Council & Committee Meetings

Members of the public are able to attend in-person meetings but please be aware that given the ongoing risk of COVID transmission, safety measures in place will include a limit of numbers in the Parish Office, and attendees will be requested to wear face masks as a courtesy to the Parish Councillors and others in attendance. Members of the public will be asked to complete a sign-in sheet with their contact details.

To ensure that the numbers limit is not exceeded, those wishing to attend are asked to book a seat in advance, once the agenda has been published, by emailing the / or calling 01798 817434, by noon on the date of the meeting. If space allows, those arriving on the night not having booked, will be allowed entrance.

Members of the public are also able to attend meetings virtually by using the Microsoft ‘Teams’ link included on the agenda.

Job Vacancy

West Chiltington Parish Council is looking to appoint a Parish Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer, for further information please visit the Staff Vacancy page

Parish Council Office

The Parish Council Office is open on a Tuesday and Wednesday morning from 10:00am-1:00pm.

A Village with a Past & a Future

Nestling near the foot of the South Downs between Storrington and Pulborough, just over 50 miles from London, the picturesque village of West Chiltington is home to a 12th century church, a beautifully restored windmill and has a colourful history dating back to Norman times.

Covering an area of just over 6.69 sq miles, with a population of approx. 3,500, the parish encompasses a variety of land usage from residential and agricultural, to small businesses and leisure facilities.

Your Council

The Council is the first tier of local government for West Chiltington comprising 13 Councillors who are elected or co-opted for up to four years.   The Parish Council meets on the second Tuesday of every month and is always keen to ensure that it reflects the wishes of the electorate and as such, all meetings are open to the public and include a session for public comments. Councillors work in partnership with local organisations, West Sussex County Council and Horsham District Council to preserve the essence of the area, and to protect the identity and character of the parish for the enjoyment of parishioners, visitors and future generations.

The Parish Council has statutory duties and powers to provide services for the Parish of West Chiltington. Within these powers, we provide allotments, community buildings, dog and litter bins, community facilities, and we own and maintain many areas of public open space within the village on behalf of the community.